I just heard about the Vatican’s not so stealthy attack on the “liberalness” of the American church, starting with women religious.  Nuns?  They’re worried about the doctrine faithfulness of nuns?  And I’ve learned that the  dictates eroding the position of lay women in the church are ready to hit us with a one-two punch.  No women within three feet of the altar.  Women not allowed to touch the sacred vessels–even for cleaning.  And that’s just for starters.

Yo, Vatican, my CATHOLIC faith community violates these mandates on a daily basis.  Meanwhile, we continue to be a vibrant, growing, loving, Christ-centered, prayerful community.  

The thinking that women who serve Christ and the community is somehow detrimental to the church boggles the mind.  We aren’t calling ourselves to service.  God does the calling.  The fact that so many women answer the call is a blessing to the church.  We are lectors, Eucharist ministers, pastoral ministers, religious educators, RCIA sponsors, and sacred vessel cleaners–not to serve our own egos, but because our soul was stirred.  God asked, and we said, “Yes!”  If you don’t believe that God is in charge, then you’re in the wrong business.

I know so many good, great, wonderful priests.  Wonderful American priests and faith-filled lay women.  Old men in the Vatican, listen to God and leave us alone.